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The Mooring Mate® - Single Handed Mooring


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Captain Madruga - Single Handedly Sailed Around the World Twice
Captain Madruga

Sail Key West !
Sail Key West

Find a mooring now. | Features low altitude, high-resolution aerial photographs of marinas, interactive Route Maker, free Marina reservations and more.


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Moor Your Boat Singlehanded

Mooring Made Easy - The Mooring Mate® Features

Moor to any existing mooring 

With the Mooring Mate® you do not need to modify your existing mooring. The patented design attaches to ANY existing mooring type. Take the Mooring Mate® with you while you travel with the peace of mind in knowing that you can easily secure to any mooring you encounter.

   Moor from the safety of your cockpit

Finally the world's first system that allows you to single handedly moor your boat without ever leaving the safety of your cockpit......Relax, Enjoy and Have More Fun!

   Tangle-Free design

The Mooring Mate's® patented design prevents it from becoming tangled on the mooring line or chain. We understand how challenging it can be to try and moor in foul weather and have designed the Mooring Mate® makes mooring safe and easy even in rough conditions.

   Retrieve without leaving your boat

Retrieve the Mooring Mate® effortlessly with a standard boat hook without ever leaving your boat.

   Easily secure your dingy for safe boarding

The Mooring Mate's® patented design makes it easy for you to secure your dingy to your boat. There is no more need to stand up, balance and attempt to to tie a line. Simply pull up to your boat, snag it and secure your line!

   Heavy duty construction

The Mooring Mate® is designed to last and support boats up to 80 feet in length. The Mooring Mate's® hook is made from high quality stainless steel and strong components to stand up to maritime wear and tear.

Featured New Product- Sea Silk

Anti-Fouling coating that reduces friction with "Spray off" cleaning.

Sea Silk



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